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If Your Last Name Is Sinclair
If your last name is Sinclair, you may want an email address at
Available: one email account with email services (WebMail, POP, and SMTP) provided by, an Internet provider, with the domain name
100 MB storage limitation (recommend that you leave no email on the server but rather download it all routinely to your email program each day).
20 MB email file size limitation (including attachments).
No spamming allowed.
Payment by recurring monthly PayPal payments only (PayPal alone has a record of your credit card or bank payment information).
Cost: $8.75/month payable directly to (PayPal), a $3.25/month savings over LuxSci individual secure email service.
Each additional account under the same payer and payment arrangement is $3.75/month.
Email service and support provided by
LuxSci is not an ordinary email service. It’s a secure email service. Your email is transmitted from an email program (such as Microsoft Outlook) to the LuxSci email server automatically encrypted. Thus, you can use your email account anywhere from any computer and be sure that no one can read your outgoing email.
When a person sends an email to you, it goes from the LuxSci email server encrypted to the computer you are using. Thus, no one can read your incoming email you receive anywhere on any computer.
This is better privacy protection than most other email services provide, although it costs more.  No special software is required. It works with any email software for computers or smart phones.
If you don't think you need secure email, read Future Crimes by Goodman (Amazon best seller). You'll change your mind quickly.
Check out LuxSci. It's a reliable first-rate Internet provider.
Sinclair Email
You must remember your password, as no record is kept of your password for access to your account.
Names before the @ sign are unique and are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Examples:
You can also forward email from your email address to another address that you use. Example:  --->
     or vice versa  ---> 
Your email account is subject to all the rules and guidelines of LuxSci as published on the LuxSci website. Your account is also subject to immediate termination by Joseph T. Sinclair for:
     1. Violation of LuxSci rules and any regulations or laws relevant to Internet email.
     2. Nonpayment in advance for your email account.
     3. Misinformation submitted in your application.
     4. Spamming.
     5. Or upon 30 days notice to you by Joseph T. Sinclair for any reason.
You can terminate your account at any time by email notice to Joseph T. Sinclair.
Joseph T. Sinclair is a well known author affiliated with Appworth Media.
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